It’s time we talked about your corporate identity –that “dead horse” that’s been gathering dust in the corner for so many years. Or maybe you don’t even have a CI*to begin with and you don’t see the need. See, the thing about brand identity is that, even though it might not feel that important to you, it’s actually the foundation of your brand  and you need to keep it fresh.

*A CI guide is the set of guidelines that governs how your brand should be portrayed.

Here’s why it’s so essential:

#1 First impressions count

When a potential client comes across your brand for the first time, you might not be there to explain how awesome your services are, despite the outdated logo –your brand identity can make or break it for you. Even if you have the most incredible services or products in the world, if your identity isn’t up to scratch, that customer might just walk away.

#2 It shows how much you care

Think about it: Would you trust a dentist with a sign that reads “I are good dentest”? Probably not. That’s because, in the mind of a consumer, branding is a reflection of the quality of product or service. Now, this dentist may be a world-renowned genius –but if you had to judge them by the sign, you’d think they don’t own a dictionary and don’t care about their brand. Odds are, you’ll go to the dentist down the road with the clean windows and beautiful logo on the wall.

#3 It’s all about consistency

You might be thinking, “yes, I have a nice logo –why do I need a CI guide?” Simple. Without a CI guide, it’s impossible to keep all your branding consistent –and in the world of brand recognition, consistency is key. Imagine if Vodacom didn’t have a CI guide; the guy running their social media could then one day decide to use all yellow, and no one would have any control over it. How’s that for a branding disaster?

#4 It affects the value of your business

No, we are not exaggerating–we are talking cold, hard cash. Your brand is one of your biggest assets –and the stronger it is, the more it is worth. Let’s say, you one day decide to sell your business; if you have a strong brand identity, the value of your business increases and buyers will be willing to pay more for it. It’s really that simple.


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"As a designer I always strive to create logos that are timeless and that won’t date because they are following the latest fad. I think, when looking at your logo and CI, try and imagine if you will still love it in 5 years from now–if the logo is elegant and is clear in concept I bet you the answer will be yes. If no, then it’s time to change it up."



"Imagine if Coca-Cola suddenly changed their colours to purple and green -weird, right? Well, a brand's tone of voice is just as iconic as its colours -and if you suddenly swap from serious to humorous to satirical in a single week, your audience won't know what hit them. That's why tonality should be treated as part of your CI, when you establish who and what your brand really is."