How authentic is your brand? These 4 tips will change the game

Authenticity is a word that you hear around every corner of the internet. Be authentic! Live an authentic life! Build an authentic brand! But what does it really mean? Simple: An authentic brand is an honest brand – one that consumers feel like they can relate to, and that they’re proud to be associated with. Of course, creating this is easier said than done… but we’ve got a few pointers!


#1 Don’t just be a brand, be a person

Customers are done talking to products, logos and robots; they want to talk to REAL PEOPLE. And hey! Would you look at that! You have a whole team of real people who can help you add authenticity to your brand. Don’t be afraid to introduce your team on social media, to record a video of yourself talking about your passion for your product, or to share some quirky behind-the-scenes pics. Show them how the sausage is made!


#2 Give more than you ask for

It’s so easy to fall into the sell-sell-sell trap. Yes, you have to sell products to run a successful business, but it can come across as a little desperate if you’re constantly pushing your product. See, an authentic brand isn’t afraid to share their expertise and knowledge. This doesn't necessarily mean giving away trade secrets, but rather adding value to your customer's lives while, in the process, showing off what your company is capable of. It's a win-win!


#3 You need to “show up”

Your customers want to see that you’re putting in the time and effort to not only run a business but to be part of their lives. That’s why it’s important to BE AVAILABLE to your followers. Take a few minutes out of your day to join the conversation in the comments, or to hop on Stories and share a sneak peek into your day. Even though technology is changing the way we conduct business, building relationships will ALWAYS be the foundation of good business.


#4 Find your voice and stick with it

Pro tip: Authentic brands do not give their customers whiplash. When one of your posts pop up on a timeline somewhere, you want your followers to instantly recognise that it’s your brand – and you want their heart to do a little somersault! This is why consistency is key. Consistency in your brand voice, in your design, in the way you structure your communication – everything should feel like a warm, familiar hug to your audience.