The Unknown


If someone told us that we’d spend most of 2020 in lockdown, we probably would’ve laughed in disbelief! We had high hopes for that year, much like we do for 2021 –but who’s to say what this “year of unknown” has in store for us? So,the best you can do is to “fireproof” your business for whatever the new year might throw at you!

Here are 4 ways to gear up for the unknown:

#1 Don’t WAIT for things to go wrong

The “I’ll deal with it when it happens” mentality has left many businesses in a tight spot this year. So, why not get ahead of the game? Fix that website! Subscribe to that cloud service! Build that online store! Get your brand strategy in order! Stop procrastinating right now and talk to us if you need help.

#2 Don’t put all your hopes on 2021

The world seems to think that on 1 January 2021, everything will hit “reset” and the bad stuff will go away –just like that. But we need to be realistic! 2020 may just be the beginning of more rocky times, more pandemics, more obstacles –who knows? So, make sure you have a realistic mindset and that you’re ready for ANYTHING.

#3 But don’t be ALL negative

Point #2 might sound a bit “doom and gloom”–and while it’s good to think realistically, it’s also important to focus on the positive. What has 2020 taught you? In which areas did you grow? Focus on these positive aspects and keep building on them. For instance, if you started selling products online or building asocial media following during the pandemic, don’t stop now –keep it up.

#4 Stop feeling sorry for yourself

This one might be hard to hear, but it’s an important one. 2020 may have dealt you a terrible hand, but it’s time to pick yourself up. If you keep living in the past and fretting about all that you’ve lost, you’ll never be able to rebuild and move forward. See it for the wake-up call that it was –to get your marketing strategy in order –and let’s work together to do things differently in 2021.





"I think that design is going to inspire, educate and become more exciting in 2021. No more flat design, I think we will see a move to more 3D style designing that inspires the world and helps us work together to move forward from this epidemic."Image removed.


"For many business owners, marketing often sits at the very bottom of their priority list. BUT while it's tempting to cut your comms budget in difficult times, have you considered that you're cutting off the ONE lifeline that can grow and save your business? Consistent communication is HOW you get new customers and HOW you solidify your relationships with existing customers. Cutting this line of communication... Now, doesn't that seem foolish?"