If someone told us 6 months ago that we would have to move our entire business into the virtual space, we would have probably laughed! But here we are.

As a small business, we understand the challenges that many of our clients face during this difficult time. The world has changed forever, and now is the time to use what we’ve learned during lockdown, to come out stronger than ever.

Here are some of the lessons we’ve learned–lessons that will hopefully benefit your business as well.

#1 You can’t afford to NOT be on social media.

Over the past 2 months, our social media accounts have proven vital to our communications strategy. Without it we wouldn’t be able to keep our clients informed of our movements or keep our “doors” open to new clients and business.

#2 You can’t remain stuck in your old ways.

Just like everyone else, we had to adjust the way we do business. Because we integrated a digital online workspace and started conducting online meetings long before COVID-19 hit, we have been able to continue serving our clients with ease during  this lockdown. This has shown us that a little innovation today can save your business tomorrow.

#3 Business operation hours are vital.

In the past, we would have easily waved away a weekend to tend to our company –but the lockdown has taught us that you need to separate work and personal life. In your own business, it’s important to draw these lines, or else your team won’t stay strong and capable in the long run.

#4 You need to embrace new technology.

We didn’t realise that our cloud-based systems and procedures would one day make for an easy transition into a situation as dire as lockdown. If it weren’t for the cloud, we wouldn’t be able to run our business as usual. This is just one example of why it’s important to embrace technology, and not wait for it to become “essential” to your survival.

#5 Every brand needs constant TLC.

The lockdown made us realise that, just like a person needs selfcare, our brand needs it too –and so does yours. No brand is immune to “stress and illness”, so to ensure that yours remains relevant through tough times, it’s important to update it frequently and give it that TLC.





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