spring clean

4 Ways to Dust Off Your Brand for Spring

Spring is here! The birds are chirping, the flowers are blossoming, and it’s time to put your spring-cleaning hat on. But we’re not just talking about wiping down the inside of your cupboards and sorting out that overflowing junk drawer – oh no – we’re talking about dusting off your brand and business. Not quite sure how? Don’t worry – here are 4 ways to get deep into the corners of your brand and get it spring-ready:


#1 Whip your social pages into shape

How long has it been since you started your brand's Facebook or Instagram page? 5 years? Maybe even 10? Back then, these social platforms looked very different to how it looks today – and over time, they have added new information fields, moved things around and so much more. Plus, YOUR business has changed too! So, we challenge you to spring-clean your info - clear out any old Administrators (yes, we all have that one guy who left 7 years ago), jazz up your About section, and so forth.


#2 Freshen up your look and feel

Yes, your brand identity should be protected at all costs. But does this mean you should stick to the same tired designs for years and years on end? No! At Calypso, we refresh our clients’ social media designs every couple of months – and yes, we stay within the brand guidelines, because you can do SO much more than stick your logo in the bottom-right corner and call it a day. If your agency isn’t doing this for you, isn’t it about time you sweep them out the door and talk to us?


#3 What’s hiding in the corners of your website?

We all have that one cupboard or drawer that we’re avoiding – like, who even knows what’s growing in there, right? For brands, this often becomes their website. “It’s there, it’s doing it’s thing, let’s not look too closely at it.” But did you know that your website from 17 years ago might not be performing as well as it should today? In fact, it’s probably COSTING you new business! A quick refresh and a relook at that back-end to clean out any old dirty code (yikes!) can make the world of difference. So, chat to us today!


#4 Spring-clean your bad business habits

It's a great time to put selfcare first – not just your own, but also that of your employees and service providers. Over the last two years, flexible working has become the norm and WhatsApping a colleague at 10pm just doesn’t feel “wrong” anymore, even though it IS (no, don’t you look at us like that!) Now is the time to spring-clean your “bad habits” and start thinking about how you treat others in this new hybrid working environment. It's the only way to keep each other sane!


We checked in with our copywriter to find out why you should spring-clean your website copy (yes, even if you still offer the same services and your telephone number hasn’t changed). Here's what she had to say!

"SEO rules and copy trends are constantly shifting, and it's in your brand's best interest to stay fresh and relevant. For instance, a few years ago, your website wouldn't have been complete without a vision and mission statement, whereas today it's an instant sign of an outdated site. From an SEO perspective, your website may have ticked all the right boxes 6 years ago, but not so much anymore! So, do that spring cleaning and ensure that your current copy is telling a story that's relevant and authentic."