4 Excuses You Need to Stop Making in 2022

2022 is HERE and we couldn’t be more ready to take on the new year! Now, every year we find ourselves at a point where new resolutions need to be made… but have you completed last year’s list? Probably not! So, let’s talk about some of those excuses you keep making for the the things in your marketing stable that need a little bit of attention.


#1 “No one cares if my social media looks a bit disjointed”

Hmmm… you keep telling yourself that. See, social media isn’t a just fun playground for brands anymore – it’s now become serious business, and you need to stop making excuses for a poor social media strategy. Start thinking of your Facebook page or Instagram feed as a secondary shopfront for your business and put some time and energy into it so that you can turn it into a space that SELLS.


#2 “My business is doing just fine without eCommerce”

Ring, ring! “Hello, 2020? Oh, what’s that you say? A business can’t survive another pandemic without an online shop? Gotcha! Thanks for the info. Say hi to the wife!” That’s right. If you’re selling any type of product or service, you NEED an online shopping function. Not only will it help your business overcome any future obstacles, more and more customers are expecting to buy your product or service online. And if you’re not offering it, they’ll click off to someone else.


#3 “An outdated logo isn’t a reflection of the quality of my product”

Sure, your current clients are very happy with your services – but what about new clients? Your logo is one of the first things a new client sees when they’re researching your industry, and the care you put into your brand image can be seen as a reflection of the care you put into your products and services. If you’re proud of your business, why not put a little TLC into your logo and CI?


#4 “Marketing is a waste of money that’s better spent in other areas”

Your business is doing relatively well, and you’ve had the same clients for many years. But we have 2 things to say to you: 1. You’re doing your business a disservice if you stop focusing on growth, and 2. those long-term clients are not going to be around forever. A good marketing strategy is about getting your product out there, getting new feet through the door, and future-proofing your business so that the success doesn’t just STOP one day. We can help with that if you let us.




We asked Tanya, our resident list-maker, for some tips on getting things DONE! Here’s what she had to say:

"The best way to get things done is to create lists and goals on physical paper. By doing this you can visually see what you need to achieve and it pushes you to get it done. Whether it is for your personal life, daily tasks or brand goals. Write them down in order of priority and break it up into achievable timelines. Try and beat your own deadlines every day by achieving more than what is on your list. Then once complete, physically scratch off or tick an item that is achieved or done. There is no greater satisfaction and motivator in ticking things off a list."