When you open Facebook, Instagram, news sites and even your email, it’s all negativity, negativity, negativity.

Yes, we live in a time of pandemic –we get that, and your customer gets it too –so imagine how a message of positivity can cut through the clutter during this time?

Let’s look at 3 easy ways to start building a brand on positivity.

#1 Don’t jump onto every band wagon.

The news is constantly serving up new doom-and-gloom headlines, and brands often want to tap into this and do something “tactical”. Yes, it’s important to use your brand voice for good –but what’s even more important is ensuring that the cause you’re promoting is actually relevant to your brand. Don’t just post for the sake of “being part of the conversation” –your followers will see right through it.

#2 Really think about your product benefits.

An excellent way to build those positive vibes is to look at how your brand can be of service to your customers during a tough time by maybe tweaking your offering. For instance, we have an awesome client that deep cleans buildings and spaces. During the pandemic, they decided to expand their services to include bulk hand sanitiser. This is a great example of how this brand really put thought into their current service offering, and expanded their benefits while staying true to their values and offerings.

#3 Learn to listen more than you speak.

During challenging times, brands often want to do a lot of talking. But the best thing you can do is to stop talking for a second, and listen closely to your customers. Try to really engage with them and understand their needs, so that you can adjust your communication strategy accordingly. For instance, do they need another motivational quote, or do they maybe need a good laugh or even a discount? This “give and take” approach can do wonders for your brand and help build a positive relationship with your customers.





"Since we're on the topic of positivity, here's a quick #copytip: Try to steer clear of the age-old "got a problem? Here's a solution!" ad message. It's negative, it's forgettable and it doesn't connect with your customer on a deeper level. Instead, focus on the positive value your brand adds to their life. While it's a lot harder to crack a positive message, in the long run you're building a strong brand on good vibes!"