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We build powerful brands & authentic customer experiences
We’re not just your average ad agency, marketing maven or events company, and there’s certainly nothing average about the way we think, do and operate.

We are Calypso – an amalgamation of creative sparks, good-natured sarcasm, design genius, an abundance of post-it notes, pantone pride, brand love, inside jokes, and meticulous planning strategies for literally everything (even the office fridge is organised by colour). Our get-the-job-done attitude ensures that we always deliver, and the only thing we never joke about is deadlines.

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We do branding, event planning, advertising, design, social media planning, copywriting, and more.
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Calypso offers strategic & creative solutions, designed to give your personal or business brand that competitive edge and #genius-factor.

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“The client is always right” is a phrase that’s been ringing throughout the industry since as early as we can remember. But you know what? We think it’s nonsense. Before you get offended, hear us out! Here are 4 reasons we believe that the client is just as human and the next guy, and doesn’t own the world.

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